Setting new standards in health care

ISIMO Health is a doctor-driven healthcare organisation with the goal of advancing and improving patient care in Africa by utilising unique and progressive treatment models.

We strive to deliver affordable, quality care by aligning and empowering all parties in the health care continuum – funders, doctors, and – most importantly – patients, by being transparent and collaborative. The ISIMO system is tailor-made to plug into existing medical scheme administration processes to enable simpler and smoother treatment delivery and payment decisions that maximise available resources. It is about ensuring that the patient gets the right care, at the right time and at the right price.

At the core of the model is a network of dedicated medical specialists who are committed to patient-centric, ethical care. The model minimises costs for the medical scheme as well as the patient. This is achieved by reducing waste and inefficiencies and prioritising treatments and investigations that work. The model promotes:

  • Efficient care
  • Appropriate and necessary investigations and treatments that are proven to work
  • Appropriate use of expensive healthcare resources

The relationship between the doctor and patient is also made more transparent because patients have a better understanding of the treatment decisions made by their doctor and the financial implications of their chosen treatment plan. It allows a more patient-centric and collaborative approach.


Evidence-based protocols

ISIMO limits the financial risk to medical schemes by the implementation of evidence-based protocols drawn up by the participating doctors. The outcomes and cost of the protocol-based treatment cycles for different specialities can then be measured and calculated to ensure that the desired impact is achieved. The information required to do this analysis is collected through an integrated IT system called e-Auth®. This data is analysed and assessed by a panel of experienced care providers. These results can be used to tailor, refine and update treatment protocols going forward.

e-Auth® integrated IT system:

ISIMO’s state-of-the-art online application system allows doctors to submit their patient diagnosis and full treatment plan simply and directly to medical schemes. It is an electronic, provider-driven, healthcare solution. This web-based application was created to allow treatment plans for patients to be submitted and authorised efficiently and effectively. Exception management is done by a panel of specialists or peers to ensure the prescribed treatment remains evidence-based and is effective and affordable.

eAuth advantages

  • It reduces the administrative burden for doctors and medical schemes by simplifying the pre-authorisation process
  • Ensures quality, cost effective and timeous care delivery to patients
  • Exception management is done by peers and is evidence based
  • Business to Business integration strengthens quality control and financial management
  • It provides a rich database of clinical and financial information, leading to improved care delivery to patients and cost reduction to funders.

The key elements of the ISIMO model

  • Patient centricity
  • Proprietary, evidence-based treatment protocols developed by a network of doctors
  • Alignment between specialists and medical schemes
  • An enabling electronic information management platform (e-Auth®)

Isimo partners

The ISIMO model was pioneered by the Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON).